In every job she has ever held, Judith has been the go-to for anything written. After her first poem, written for her grandfather when she was eight, she wrote incessantly. During study halls in high school, she wrote poetry, filling multiple notebooks which have long since been lost to history. This is a good thing. She’d be embarrassed to show them now.

Her education gave her the ability to teach English on the secondary level, a job she practiced until she started rearing a family.

While devotional writing has been her strong suit, Judith also aspires to write fiction. As a challenge to herself, she contributed a romance novella to an anthology a couple of years ago. Not her best effort, but it taught her a lot.

Her current plans include a series of historical novels about women on the edge of war. This topic was sparked by a nugget of family history. Her Quaker ancestress stood by while her husband and two sons were expelled from meeting because of their participation in the patriot cause during the American Revolution. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that house during their conversations!

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