Tabby Teaches Prayer

God can use anything to teach us.  Judith tells how he used a tabby cat to teach about intercessory prayer. A lighthearted look at this serious topic can be a lot of fun. Your ladies will come away with a new appreciation of God’s sense of humor and a deeper understanding of their roles as intercessors. This is a short presentation.

Four Principles from Psalm 23:4

Psalm 23 has long been a favorite for people in crisis or grief. But it also carries a powerful lesson in this single verse. This study will give your ladies the tools and courage to endure the worst our broken world can throw at them and emerge victorious from any battle.

Lessons From Women of Scripture

In Titus 2, we are told that the elder women should teach the younger. But when you come to a certain age, the  elder women are in short supply. In scripture, however, we have a never ending supply of faithful women teachers and role models.

Your ladies will come away with a greater appreciation of several women of scripture, what they went through, and how they can lead us in worship and service.

Cultivating a Spirit of Forgiveness

While this presentation can be shortened to keynote length, it is better as a longer study.  Forgiveness has many parts. It is a journey that begins with a decision and moves from there.  Ultimately forgiveness must be seen from God’s perspective.

Other Presentations

Judith has several other topics prepared, but she will be delighted to craft a presentation around the theme or scripture central to your event. Just contact her early in your planning through our contact page to begin a dialogue.

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