Assistance For Writers

Every story is as unique as the writer who conceived it. Therefore editing is not a “one size fits all” task. Judith will work with you to decide in detail exactly what you need, whether it’s minor tweaking or more comprehensive editing. Judith’s fees are quite reasonable; her knowledge and experience will be just what your manuscript needs as you ready it for publishing. Use the contact page to begin exploring how Judith can help you with your writing.

What Others Have Said:

Judith is exceptionally talented and a true joy to work with. Her eye for detail as an editor is matched only by her enthusiasm as a writer’s coach and mentor. Judith’s knowledge, skill and determination to help her writers succeed is more than one could hope to find in an editor and/or writer’s coach. — Shadia Hrichi

Judith’s writing is relaxed and gentle, and you sense behind the words a caring person who has conquered adversity. — Shirley Corder

Judith is a blessing to work with. She is an outstanding writer, and encourager, and always has insightful, focused advice and counsel to offer. — Joan Shoup

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